Life, love & whatsapp messages

love youI saw this the other and couldn’t help but cringe. We’ve all been there. You send a rather ‘delicate’ message and YOU KNOW that the person on the other end has seen it but has not replied. EEEEEEK. I’ve posted here about texting before. And its something that a few of my friends and I end up talking about alot.

The other night, at a braai, we were discussing the difference between creepy stalking and being in love. The only difference is how the other person feels about you. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE. Your displays of affection are classified as creepy/stalking/desperate if the person receiving them does not feel the same way about you. They’re loving/cute/special if they like you back. It’s craziness!  After that discussion I found this article: The difference between being romantic vs being creepy on Thought Catalog – coincidence? I think not!

What are your thoughts? Is a guy playing N SYNC outside your flat on a Thursday night creepy or romantic?



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