Becoming a grown up

When you’re kinda trying to be a grown up, and you’ve moved out of your parents house, and you have to do your own washing – life can be tough.

growing up

You have to learn how to do really grown up things, like vacuum and remove stains eeeeeek! This is something that nobody really taught me – so here’s what I do.

Protein-based stains (milk, cheese, eggs etc) DO NOT USE HOT WATER – this can cook the protein (gross). Rinse the garment in cold water before throwing it in the washing machine! For old stains,  first soak the fabric in warm water and add a teaspoon of detergent for half an hour, something like Vanish Stain Remover can do the trick if also added to the soak solution. If the stain has not yet cleared up, keep it soaked for another half an hour and perhaps add a little more detergent. After that you can wash the item as usual.

Oil based stains are really frustrating. Think greasy substances, butter, oil-based cosmetics, oily food etc. I’m forever spilling make-up on my clothes! For these types of stains, you will have to pretreat new and old spots with a prewash spot remover and blot it into the spot. Then wash the item in hot water before drying. Keep doing this until the stain disappears!

Alcoholic drinks, black coffee and tea, fruit juice and soft drinks cause tannin stains, these sound terrible and really are terrible to get rid of. Soak the item of clothing in warm water with 1 teaspoon of liquid detergent for half an hour. If the stain is really tough you can try bleach, but be careful!

For dye stains – try applying your liquid detergent straight onto the stain. Otherwise, a pre-wash spot remover will work for pretreatment of the stain. For better results, the fabric can be soaked in the solutions then left to dry.

If your stain is a bit of a combination of all of the above, you can divide the combination stains into two categories:

The first one includes lip and eye makeup stains, furniture and shoe polish. The second category includes face make-up, peanut butter and tomato based foods. To effectively remove these stains, you need to first remove the oily or waxy portions off the fabric, carpet or upholstery. Then  you apply liquid detergent on it and rub with hot water.

For the rest of the stains you need to rub the spot in liquid detergent before rinsing in warm water then leaving to dry.

Try these out and share them with other friends who are trying to be grown ups like meeeeeee. For more tips on stains or if you have a particular stain you need help with visit the Vanish Stain Remover  for more tips not mentioned in this post.

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