I realise that I’ve been talking about Mr P quite a bit recently, but I just feel like they’re really getting it right. They’re killing it in the fashion department, and theeeeeeeen there’s MR P Home. I mean, I can spend hours looking at their (new) website and I have to restrain myself from spending hundreds of rands and redecorating my entire flat. They make it that easy!

I’ve been in my flat for almost two years without a couch. Yes, you read that right, I HAD NO COUCH. I was tough, living with two armchairs. Gatherings of more than two people proved interesting – with plastic chairs and sitting on the floor. Eventually, lying in bed one Sunday morning, I decided that I’d had enough. I wanted a couch, I needed a couch. And I needed one now.

I will admit that I browsed the Coricraft website, and died a little inside when I saw the prices. I looked on Gumtree after that, because I just couldn’t face spending thaaaaaaaaat much money. I knew I wanted a corner (L-shaped) couch, but my flat is small, and finding a corner couch that would fit into the flat nicely and didn’t cost a fortune was proving to be VERY tricky.

I found myself browsing the new MR P Home website (which is amazing by the way) and I found a corner couch that looked almost perfect, but it was brown. Anyone who has ever been to my flat will know that there is NO brown in the entire flat. This was devasting. I continued to scroll down and there it was. The perfect corner couch, in grey. EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR.

c1This was a Sunday, I went after work on Monday to have a look at it. And I bought it then and there. It took a few weeks to be delivered, but it was totally worth the wait. I’ve already had many naps on this couch – it is beautiful.

So now I’ve been browsing the MR P Home website again – and I’ve found these beautiful scatter cushions that I desperately need to get my hands on right now. Look at these beauties:

c2 c3 c4How amazing are they? NEED THEM ON THE COUCH NOW. If you haven’t already – go check out the MR P Home website and sign up to their newsletter!


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