You used your hair straightener to do WHAAAAAAAAT?

ghd So the other day I was running very late for work, I quickly threw on an outfit, looked in the mirror and almost screamed. My beautiful white shirt was SO creased, and I definitely didn’t have time to iron it (who has time for ironing anyways?!)

I looked down, and there was my hair straightener… hmmm. I had heard once that someone had used it to get rid of some creases on a shirt, so I gave it a try. IT WORKED AMAZINGLY. Like, I might never iron shirts again!

I posted about it on Twitter and I got a few replies. A friend from overseas said that she often does that, and it works extra well for the collars of shirts that need to be sorted out – genius!

So after this, I began to wonder, what else can we use hair straighteners for… read what I found out on Smudged Beauty.


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