Woolworths & shopping made easier!

IT’S DECEMBER! Can you believe it? Christmas is literally just around the corner and while I thought everything was meant to be slowing down for the year, I just feel like I’m getting busier and busier. With the weather getting better, the thought of spending my weekend in a shopping centre is becoming less and less appealing. I’d rather be at the beach darling! Because of this, I’m doing more and more of my shopping online – it’s the way forward!

Woolworths online store, for me, is one of the online stores that just stuck up on me. Suddenly, I’m browsing their store and just realising that it’s pretty freaking awesome. THEY HAVE EVERYTHING ONLINE. One of the things that I’m most stoked about is that Woolies are pretty standard with their sizing, so because I already own (A LOT) of clothes from Woolies, I know what sizes I’m looking for. Wooooo.

With the party/festive season around the corner, Woolworths online has you’re dresses sorted! Check out all of their options here. Things are looking up!

I am in love with this shirt dress – need it in my closet now! Check it out here.


My next best thing, after dresses, is SHOES! Woolworths has so many options online – it’s really making my life easier. You just click, buy, and then these beauties can be delivered straight to your desk. HELLO CONVENIENCE.

These lovelies below need to belong to me ASAP.

shoes2 shoes

Ok, enough perving over these. Back to the point – online shopping is really making our lives easier, ESPECIALLY at Christmas time! Who actually has the time to trawl the shops to buy all of their loved ones thoughtful gifts? NO-ONE. But thanks to technology we can buy presents from our desks/phones/enter other technology thingy here.

Woolworths’ online store is already in full Christmas spirit – and I love their gifting options. You can shop gifts under R500, R200 or R100. GENIUS.


I’m not even scared of shopping for this festive season thanks to online shopping – Thanks Woolworths xxxx


*This is a sponsored post


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