Craft burgers & Wine

Looking for somewhere to eat in Sea Point? So were we. Matthew, Christo, Ben & I were walking through Sea Point looking for somewhere to get some lunch. We walked past Craft Burger Bar, Matthew & Christo said they’d been wanting to try it out, so we went inside. Craft Burger Bar lets you create your own burger for R49 (it’s extra if you want chips with that). You fill out a little form, indicating what toppings you would like, chicken/beef/beg pattie, sauces etc and you give this form to your waiter. A little while later your amazing burger is in front of you. A highlight for me was that it gave you the option of having half a roll (I never eat the top half of the burger roll). Another big plus – they have most of the wines from Fairview! We paired our burgers with some rose and ice. YUM!

craft burgerIf you’re in the area – this is definitely worth a visit!

Love, burgers and WINE!



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