Its OnSaleBru!

Ok, so we all know about Groupon and those kinda websites, but I want to tell you about OnSaleBru. Yeah bru, it’s on sale!


OnSaleBru is a new blog that writes about promotions, deals, offers and other price reduced items to ensure that you don’t miss you!

What I quite like about OnSaleBru is that they have zero attachments – they don’t work with the shops, they’re just letting everyone know about these awesome deals!

Their website is pretty cool, wish I’d known about it before I moved out. They have lots of household items, like this Samsung microwave for R999.

You can also search the deals by shop/brand. So here I found all of the deals from @home. winning!

You can also search by category if you’re looking for something specific – which makes life a lot easier.

In terms of clothes (which is what I was most interested in) they seem to have mostly Spree deals on their site – I do think this could be a little more extensive.

Their cellular section is also a tiny bit disappointing, only 2 pages of deals, and not many of them are actually phones. But, since this website has only been going for about two months, they still have time to get bigger and better.

This is definitely a website I’ll be keeping my eye on.

Check out OnSaleBru to see the latest savings and deals!

*This is a sponsored post


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