Oxidative stress? Huh?

Oxidative stress? um what?

Did you know that free radicals from oxygen and sunlight ravage your body, aging you and make you more vulnerable to disease?

From Lapelle Issue 8:
Oxidative stress is when the free radicals in your cells overwhelm your body, breaking down the cell walls and causing anything from disease to photo ageing, inflammation, dryness, DNA damage and even skin cancer.

“Oxidation = ageing,” explains Dr Shania Lee, Homoeopath at Skin, Body & Health Renewal in Cape Town. “Unfortunately, oxygen, which is vital for life, is often the cause of free radical formation, which can be detrimental to our natural processes. Oxygen free radicals contribute to the overall ageing process and are responsible for photo ageing, inflammation and cancerin the skin.”
But not all is lost, according to Dr Lee: “Antioxidants are molecules that behave as free radical scavengers, neutralising them and freely donating electrons where they are needed.”

Your body naturally produces the cure to free radical damage: antioxidants. These molecules scavenge (find) free radicals and neutralise/stabilise them by giving them the electron they’re missing. But the body is easily overwhelmed in our modern environment, and we almost always need to get extra antioxidants from the outside.

“They’re found in all your colourful fruits and vegetables, but can also be supplemented. The most basic antioxidants are vitamins C, E and A, as well as the minerals zinc and selenium and the super antioxidant, SOD (super oxide dismutase). These nutrients give electrons to the hungry free radicals and can slow the effect of the damage,” Dr Lee comments.

But what if you already eat healthily? Modern-day life adds environmental and internal stress to our bodies that we haven’t fully evolved to cope with yet. Most of the time, you need something with a little bit more free radical-kicking oomph.

Read more about oxidative stress and what you can do about it here.

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