Public holiday hiking


One of my new favourite things to do this year is to get outside and explore. I have been using the long weekends and public holidays we had in South Africa recently to do just that. 

Matthew and I set out on Freedom Day (27th of April) for an epic hike/adventure. 

We started at Rhodes Memorial, where we had to visit the restaurant for some coffee and pre-hike fuel. 

After breakfast we set off. We walked up behind Rhodes Memorial and eventually joined the contour path. I thought we had found the contour path about 20 minutes (and 5 million steps) before we actually had, so we had a slight detour. 

Once on the contour path we turned left and walked for a while. We passed little waterfalls, other hikers, many trail runners, dogs that I had to stop to say hello to, and other little paths that I wanted to explore. 

We also realized how friendly other walkers/hikers/runners are, as we had said good morning to about a thousand different people. Anyone who says Cape Town people are unfriendly needs to go for a hike!

We walked for a while and came across a bit of a boardwalk with a little balcony which was perfect for a snack break, but unfortunately other hikers were already there so we continued on our journey.

We walked down through Newlands Forest, thinking that we’d catch an uber from there to my car at Rhodes Memorial, but it was such a beautiful day so we just continued walking. 

We finished off the adventure with a drink at Forries to celebrate our hike and another successful public holiday adventure 🌿

What’s your favourite hiking route?



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