Why you should vote

My very talented friends Katie Mylrea and Kelly Tomes came up with the concept, filmed, edited and did everything else that needed to be done to this video (I’m clearly not in advertising) in 48 hours. It’s super great, check it out.


Save Yourself

LOVE this advert for NSRI done by Ogilvy Cape Town. See other work for NSRI done by Ogilvy here.

Mercedes Advertising

merc2 merc1

Anti texting and driving print adverts from Mercedes Benz. According to this article, texting and driving is the leading cause of teenage road-related deaths. Scary!

Bad Clients

client1 client2 client3 client4 client5 client6

This is just too great, a designer has turned the negative client comments into posters. Click here to see the rest. Been trying to find out more about who this designer is, but not finding anything. Let me know if you know who this is.

Against Animal Testing

stop animal testing ad2 enpa_macchia_190210.indd ad4

Some incredible print ads against animal testing. I also found the below list of brands that DO NOT test on animals, which is very helpful. I found it here. I really try to only buy these brands. Thank goodness the Body Shop doesn’t test on animals (it’s not on the list because it is owned by a company that DOES do animal testing).

do not test on animals