And you.




I’m sick in bed. It sucks. Been spending far too many hours on tumblr and willing myself to get better. You can find me on tumblr here. So September has already been a pretty good month, and next week is my birthday! eeek! If I had to describe what I want from this month in gifs, this would be it.

sept1 sept3 sept4 sep2


sept5 sept6


Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit too optimistic, but I’m looking for fun, fireworks and amazing times with my friends. Not too much to ask of September is it? Just gotta get better so I can get off my ass.

Wake up early


Wake up early. Ignore normal. Scratch itches. Stop talking. Say yes. Find the good. Drink wine. Let children play. Stop bloody worrying. Kill your television. Make lists. Cook with garlic. Smell of woodsmoke. Snuggle up. Help spiders escape. Eat salad. Make fires. Travel when you can. Assume the best. Count your blessings. Word hard. Play harder. Feel the wind. Muck about on boats. Create your best work. Find meaning in all small things. Let other people help you. Dance like a crazy fool. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Read poetry. Ignore nonsense. Stay up late. Be happy.

People Change

500 days of summer quote



Lately, I’ve been working a lot and drinking a lot. There’s been a lot of Tiger in my life, and Sergeant Pepper, and even quite a bit of Assembly. There has been more than enough tequila, and quite a few drunken messages that I probably shouldn’t have sent. Lots of cocktails and jagerbombs, and too many nights that ended at 5am. There has been many taxi rides with Katie and someone walking into the pool. There was a walk from Obilivion to Tiger, and a few too many Cosmo slushies. There’s been some Rocky Horror, and a lot of Smudged. There has been A LOT of gin with Matthew and Charl, and many Sunday Fundays.

Lately, I’ve been having so much fun and far too many late nights. This is probably why I’m so sick right now, but that’s not going to stop me. I’m loving right now.