What I’ve learnt


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What I’ve learnt this year so far:

I’ve learnt a lot about my friendships this year, and who is really important to me. I feel so spoilt to have such amazing people in my life. I’ve realised that having people look out for you and care about you this much is not the default, but something extremely special.

Moving out has taught me the importance of budgeting. Earning a salary and still almost running out of money every month has taught me the importance of budgeting.

Dancing on my own, by Robyn, is one of the best songs to drink with your girls and dance to. Try it.

People who say that you’ll miss your mother’s cooking when you move out – not entirely true. Been out of home for four months, have not missed the cooking once. Have missed the dinner-time banter though.

Confrontation is not always pretty, but sometimes it is very necessary. The longer you avoid it, the bigger the problem becomes and the more time you have to over-think everything.

I will never, ever grow out of listening to Blink 182. I spent the whole day at the office listening to them and went home to listen to more! Cannot ever get enough of this band.

Work can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, write everything down. I mean everything. This way, you’ll have a record of what you’ve been asked to do and what you need to complete by when. I’ve also learnt that deleting emails is less than ideal – you need a record of what was said, especially when something goes wrong.

I’ve learnt I could never ever be a receptionist; I can just about answer my own phone. Transferring calls, putting people on hold… It’s all a bit too much for me. I had to stick the user guidelines to my desk so I know what to do.

I know I’ve said it before, but do your research. Nothing else can back up your argument like research can. Ask around, and make sure you know what you’re talking about.

Lastly, I’ve learnt that everyday I’m still learning. It’s exciting to be in a job where I’m learning new things every day and I’m happy about this.


March in pictures


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Strawberry and mango frozen margarita from Panchos in Observatory, my favourite. Rose sunglasses from ForeverLove [post here]. Primitiv Vodka, things got messy. The 2013 Cape Argus [post here]. Delicious honey and nut latte from Woolworths cafe. Saturday walk from Muizenberg to St James. Bunting is up [post here]. Feet up after a long day at work. Presents from Tarryn – she knows how much I love popcorn. 30 Day shred time. Graduation photos finally arrived – feels weird seeing myself with dark hair again. Evening view from my flat. New BB cream. Cupcake from Whipped, in the office park. R20 mojitos at Slug and Lettuce, Newlands. This month’s reading. Pure Romance review [post here]. Breakfast at Starlings.

Growing up

Found this article, 19 Things to Stop Doing In Your Twenties, here and thought it was pretty interesting.

1. Stop placing all the blame on other people for how they interact with you.

2. Stop being lazy by being constantly “busy.”

3. Stop seeking out distractions.

4. Stop trying to get away with work that’s “good enough.”

5. Stop allowing yourself to be so comfortable all the time.

6. Stop identifying yourself as a cliche and start treating yourself as an individual.

7. Stop expecting people to be better than they were in high school — learn how to deal with it instead.

8. Stop being stingy.

9. Stop treating errands as burdens.

10. Stop blaming yourself for being human.

11. Stop ignoring the fact that other people have unique perspectives and positions.

12. Stop seeking approval so hard.

13. Stop considering the same things you’ve always done as the only options there are.

14. Stop rejecting the potential to feel pain.

15. Stop approaching adverse situations with anger and frustration.

16. Stop meeting anger with anger.

17. Stop agreeing to do things that you know you’ll never actually do.

18. Stop ‘buying’ things you know you’ll throw away.

19. Stop being afraid.

Read more here.

Advice from Gandhi

Love these ten fundamentals from Gandhi. My absolute favourite is “change yourself, you’re in control” – this definitely fits with my whole headspace at the moment. Hope you’re having a lovely Monday. X

Trying again


This is quite a big issue of mine. Being scared to try. But thanks to my new favourite song (Awolnation – Kill your heroes) and a great line ‘Never let your fear decide your fate’, I’m going for it. New things are happening here. Stay tuned.