Natural Make-up Tutorial

For the first time on Trop d’amour we have a make-up tutorial from the lovely Beth Hirsch. I showed you the sneak peek here,  andvthis is the real deal. Today she’s going through a natural look, and in a couple of days we’ll have a smokey eye tutorial by Beth too. She’s very passionate about make-up, and design, and I’m so happy to have her onboard to help us with make-up and beauty posts.

before and after

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Make-up Tutorial Sneak Peek

before and after

How amazing? This is a little sneak peek of the make-up tutorial by Beth Hirsch that will be up on the site soon. The first tutorial is a natural make-up tutorial, above you can see the before and after pictures. So beautiful.

After the natural make-up tutorial, Beth will also be posting about her TOP 5 beauty products, and a smokey-eye make-up tutorial. So happy to have Beth onboard with Trop d’Amour so that we have some help with make-up and beauty posts. Welcome Beth!

Bat my lashes

longer eye lashesI decided yesterday that I needed false lashes for a dress up party I went to last night. Walked into Clicks, with the help of Beth and Kezia, and bought these R40 lashes. I have to admit, I am hopeless at putting them on – thank goodness Beth knows what she is doing. Loved the fake lashes so much, I want to wear them everyday!


Winning with SuperficialGirls

I won this beautiful eyeshadow palette thanks to Sleek Makeup and Carlinn from Superficial Girls. It arrived in the post a few days ago. So excited to try all the beautiful colours. Thanks Carlinn.  X