When I applied for a job in Norway

polar bear cute baby cute polar bearYes, I am still obsessed with polar bears. I think the obsession reached a new level when I actually applied for a job in Norway as a polar bear spotter. Phil sent me the link one day and I just thought, why not. Of course I didn’t get the job. They actually wanted someone with some experience, and “going to visit them in the zoo” didn’t really count I guess.


Polar Bear cupcakes

polar bear cupcakes


Have you ever seen something this cute, like ever? Found this on Pinterest this morning and I cannot wait to bake them!


I recently signed up for a Bloggers’ Secret Santa kinda thing, and as a part of this I need to post a wishlist of sorts. Thinking about what I wanted was pretty hard – until I remembered Pinterest and all the beautiful things I’ve pinned. Here are some of the things I like:

I’m rather obsessed with polar bears

I love jewellery.

I love almost anything with hearts. (but no red – hate red!)

One can never have too many beanies.

I like so many things that I’m struggling to decide on what to include in this wishlist! To my Secret Santa (if you’re reading this) just check out my Pinterest to find out the kind of things I like. X

Baby Love

Found this photo on Piccsy here, and just fell in love. How adorable are polar bears? I am totally obsessed with them, but I have to admit my obsession had decreases slightly until I saw this photo a little while ago and I was reminded why I love these animals so much. In pictures they look so loving, adorable and calm but I know in real life they can be really dangerous. Looking at the picture though, of the mom and it’s baby I just don’t see how these animals can be vicious. Anyway, I’m going to go search the internet for more polar bear pictures. Have a lovely evening. X

Coca Cola and Polar Bears

I need one! Coke changed it’s can, for the holiday season that has just past, to draw attention to the struggle of the polar bears. They paired up with WWF to promote the Arctic Home project. I love it! Well, of course I do, it’s a polar bear. X