Six Months Ago

class photo1class photoCannot believe it’s been over six months since we finished at UCT and graduated. Seems so unreal. Looking back at the photos from our class party and it seems so far away. So glad that I’m done studying for now, the working world is so much better.




It is official. I have a Business Science degree specializing in Marketing. Can’t believe I have finally graduated – now I just need the job offers to start pouring in. It’s been a long five years, but I’ve met some fabulous people and learnt many valuable lessons along the way. An important life lesson I learnt very recently: never go out of your way to gain someone else’s approval, you’ll never get what you’re hoping to obtain from that. As Shakespeare once said “expectation is the root of all heartache”.

(Also – you may have noticed that I’m quite into my polaroids recently. Loving this app Poladroid. Best thing ever!)

all done!

I am so excited to be finished with exams. I am finally done with UCT, forever. I graduate next month and will be able to say that I have my Business Science Marketing degree (fingers crossed I pass every exam). Five long years, filled with projects, tests, exams, new friends, coffee breaks, thesis and all-nighters. Thanks UCT, its been real.

Marketing Class

These are a few of the photos from the Photobooth at our Marketing Class formal. I can’t believe we only have two more exams, and then graduation together as a class. It’s been a long five years, and thinking about not being a student next year is so exciting (and a little scary).

What I do

I’m a Business Science Marketing student at UCT, well not for much longer… graduating in December after just a couple more exams. I’m also a marketing intern for an awesome tech start-up called Gigham. What is Gigham you ask? Only THE coolest way to find out what’s happening in your site, everyday of the year. We have live sites in Cape Town, Jozi and a sparkling brand new site for Nairobi.

If you’re doubting our awesomeness (because I am a bit of a bias source) check out what Gabi Goldberg from Musical Mover had to say about us here, you can see how much Matt from Popcornography loved us here. You can also check out what Michelle from The Quick Red Fox thinks of our content here. We were featured on DEMO Africa here and Business Day had a little something to say about us here. And last but not least, MK seems to like what we do; read it here.
Do yourself a favour – go and check out Gigham for yourself. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter too.