People Change

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sunday is fundaySundays should all be fun days. Thats my new thing. While I was studying (up until last year) Sundays were filled with rushing to meet deadlines, finishing tutorials and studying for tests. NO MORE. Now that I’m working my Sundays are wide open and I have big plans for them.

Yesterday I was still recovering from a rather large Friday night, as my mother would say I really need to learn my liver’s limit. After recovering for most of the day, Katie and I ventured to Stellenbosch for a digs party. We were in two minds the entire day about it. Where we too old? Would it be fun? Should we just stay in bed and watch a movie? After lots of debate, and laughing, we decided that we had to go and that we would definitely have fun. The moral of the story is that you’ve never too old to have fun, but we are at an age where we’re slightly more responsible than everyone else who was there last night. As Katie said “This is like Kideo”.